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Lip Balm That Does So Much More!

Small But Mighty

Aroma Heals' lip balm started small. All we wanted to do was to help people find relief from dry lips. 


So, it was a pleasant surprise when our customers started to ask us for the product in large batches and bigger sizes. We wanted to go to the bottom of this, and asked our customers why they wanted to purchase such a large volume. 


Candice stepped forward and told us that she was using the lip balm formula, which helped her immensely when she had a cold sore, on the rest of her body. She found that the moisturizing properties of our high quality ingredients were helping her with all her skin problems. 


When we formulated this lip balm, all we knew was that it was a formula inspired by God and his creation. Today, it's been a mighty testimony to us about how we can help our clients manage the most important organ on their body - their skin. Our lip balm formula is small, but it sure is mighty when fighting eczema, dry and flaky skin. Hallelujah!

Made with Love

Aroma Heals is created with the wholehearted belief that every formula comes from the heart, so all our products are handmade with love.

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High Quality Almond Oil

Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E which is proven to be good for skin.

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An Essential Oils Approach to Skin Care Solutions

"I also tried this lip balm on my nose because I have long term problem of the flaky skin of my nose. So I tried morning and night
applications, and it made my skin so smooth. And my flaky skin didn’t return. So I really love it." - C.T.