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Who is Aroma Heals?

At Aroma Heals, we believe that holistic health starts from the inside out. That is why our slogan is:

feel the difference today
see the difference tomorrow 

Only when you address your health from the inside can you see a difference in your outward appearance and physical body.

Where Aroma Heals Began

Aroma Heals was established in 2000 with one principle: take care of the needs of our customers' wellbeing through the body, mind, and spirit.

When the brand was founded, we hoped to provide these wellbeing services with the belief that "life affects life". This means that one person's happiness and wellbeing can bring joy to those around them and bless others. The brand is no exception. The people who work for Aroma Heals also affect the lives of their clients. So, our wish is that our clients could live a happy life by receiving knowledge, wellness products, and spiritual enlightenment through interacting with Aroma Heals. 

Live With Heart, Create with Love

Aroma Heals is created with the wholehearted belief that every blend comes from the heart, so all our products are created with love. Both the heart of the maker and the heart of the clients is involved in the making of each essential oil blend which is what gives our essential oils the unique quality it carries. Every client who walks away with a bottle of our blended essential oils walks away with a high-quality product and little bit of our love.

You are more than your 9-5. You can do more with life than eat, sleep, and work. In order to help you live your fullest, Aroma Heals was created with the belief that we can inspire everyone to live with heart.

Aroma Heals Beliefs and Passion

Aroma Heals also acknowledges that our wisdom and passion come from God. We believe that there is a spiritual component to the essential oils that we make. Our mission and aim serve to help provide caring love for our clients through guidance from above. We are also committed to promoting the benefits of natural healing by using 100% natural ingredients that God has provided us through nature.

We hope that our clients will be like beautiful butterflies who go through the powerful change that happens when they encounter God while using our essential oils. Butterflies are beautiful because they have experienced metamorphosis - so too our customers will be changed by our blended essential oils.

Become and Aroma Heals Member

We welcome you to join us at Aroma Heals as a member! We've set up a membership program to provide shopping discounts and information about the best essential oil products you can use for natural healing. You'll also be notified of the various exclusive membership discounts and gift combinations we have created for you for every special occasion. After all, we believe that your gifts should show how thoughtful you are. Of course, you should also treat yourself while you're at it.

About Us History

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