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Hospitality as an Attitude

What do you think of when we mention hospitality? Some people will think about hotels or restaurants. Others will think of the act of opening our home to the various people who centre our lives. Perhaps it’s to host the next birthday party, host a visiting pastor, or even hosting a neighbour when they in need.


Sometimes hospitality is an attitude. When we have an attitude of generosity, warmth, and openness, we can invite others to feel safe and comfortable when they are around us. It anticipates the needs of others and caters to those needs. It allows us to be considerate and helpful. When people sense our hospitality, they will want to stick around.


Hospitality as a Ministry


“Take care to keep open house: because in this way some have had angels as their guests, without being conscious of it.” Hebrews 13:2


We are taught by the Bible to be hospitable. How often do we read the Old Testament about God telling us to welcome foreigners because the Israelites were foreigners? Even the patriarch, Abraham put out a considerable spread to the three strangers in their passing. It just so happened that they were angels of God.


Hospitality is a serious ministry and rests upon a foundational understanding of the scriptures. Jesus fed the 5,000 men who overstayed their welcome. He asked his disciples to accept the hospitality of others. We are taught to treat all people as they belong.


Hospitality in Friendship

August is the eighth month of the year, and when you turn 8 on its side, it becomes infinity ∞, which symbolizes forever. There is no end to a good relationship. True friends stick around through thick and thin, and they always make you feel like you belong.


Good friends and partners are trustworthy; they are whom you turn to in times of need. They can be depended on; they are loyal, non-judgmental, and honest. Good friends are the most hospitable people to you in your lives.


Hospitality in Richmond BC


Practice hospitality in your friendship. August is often associated with summer house parties, weddings, travelling, and other engagements. These are often times where you celebrate with your good friends. It’s an opportunity for you to thank them and give them the gift of essential oil. Aroma Heals is offering you our essential oil blends - Hospitality as your best option.


You can use essential oil blends - Hospitality at your home too. Whether you are hosting an event to connect with others, or wanting to spend quality time with family, our blended essential oil is going to help your room feel fresh and heavenly. We only use high quality natural products so you can feel good about having a fresh smelling home and pleasing your guest’s olfactory senses.


Do you own a business? Try using essential oil blends - Hospitality to help your guests feel welcome. If you need to have your essential oil blend altered to suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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